FRIDAY MAY 11.     The Big Season Closer!


With Noises From The Basement, Horizon Ridge and 

The Senior Service!

Noises From The Basement is our own Gerard Curley, plus Kevin Poier and Stuart Miller. These guys are lots of fun, but look out for the tear jerkers!

Horizon Ridge is a regular and a crowd favorite at the Rocky, and includes Dianne Quinton and Peter May, with Steve and Helen Goodchild.

The Senior Service includes Dick Howe, Barry Luft, Denis McMaster, Jim Atkinson, and possibly others, backed up by Steve & Helen Goodchild.

If there's enough gas in the tank we'll finish up this last club of the season with our traditional choir. There will be a few more songs (of the singalong type) from some of the above performers and perhaps others. 

Also, we'll draw the winning raffle ticket and let the lucky new (or old) musician pick one of the three donated instruments!!


Schedule for the 2017-2018 Season:

September 22      Barry Luft + Horizon Ridge

October 20           The Wardens + Horizon Ridge

November 17       Lynne Hanson + My Son Ted

December 1         Cori Brewster and Christie Simmons

January 19           Robbie Burns Night with After The Storm, Graham Tait,

                             and piper Robert Henderson   

February 16         100 Mile House + The Jones Effect

March 16             Saint Patrick's Night with Hazel Grey & The Hubcaps

April 13                The Heebee-Jeebees

May 11                 Season Closer with The Rocky resident performers


James Prescott.png

James Prescott performing solo...


Our good friend Ron Casat in better times....


The inimitable Tom Lewis. May we cross paths once again!